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Raising money to save the world. Together!

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Cleaning nature for us

Using blockchain technology to save the world

Building a DAO

You get to select the best green projects.

NFT (certificates)

You will have access to valuable carbon neutral certificates (NFTs).

Transparent Process

You will document this crowdfunding publicly on the blockchain.

Real Money

We will invest USD 1 billion until 2025 to save the planet and reduce CO2 emissions..
How we improve the climate

How we utilize
the power of the blockchain

Join our 4-year initiative to raise USD 1 billion for nature!

In conjunction with global environmental organizations, we will release various series of NFTs to fund their projects.

As an owner of your own NFT, you will have access to vote on how and what the money will be spent on.

This badge shows your engagement and participation. Members can show their engagement for a better climate publicly on the Blockchain!

Our first goal:

Metaverse NFTs

8M +

Funds raised


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